List of Pink songs Pink hit records popular songs

While Pink has often been controversial with regards to her song choices and lyrics there is no doubt that this list of Pink songs will certainly attract the attention of many music fans out there who like her music, like her style and have a fondness for Pink hit records.

In comparison to many of the stars out there today, Pink is very loud, very brash, very in-your-face but there is no doubt that she is a very talented singer and musician. Some of her music can lift you instantly if you are feeling down, some of her music can allow you to relax and enjoy life and some of her music can certainly put you in the party mood! We hope you like the enclosed list of Pink hit records and popular songs and perhaps you have a special one which means something special to you and a partner?

The list of Pink records includes :-

Ave Mary A

Bad Influence

Crystal Ball

Family Portrait



Get The Party Started

Glitter In The Air

Heartbreak Down

I Don’t Believe You

I Have Seen The Rain

Long Way To Happy


One Foot Wrong

Please Don’t Leave Me

Raise Your Glass

So What


Stupid Girls


U And Ur Hand

Who Knew

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