List of OK Eliquid Flavours

OK EliquidsAs the range of OK Eliquid flavours continues to grow this is attracting more and more attention from the vaping community of the UK. It is difficult to comprehend the hundreds and hundreds of different eliquids flavours now available and while not every flavour will appeal to every vaper there is no doubt we are seeing a growing group of popular eliquid flavours.

If somebody had said to you just a few months ago that you would be vaping for example a custard flavoured eliquid, what would you have said to them? The chances are you would have thought they were crazy but this is the type of eliquid which is taking the UK by storm and offering something very different to a market which is now challenging the enormous worldwide tobacco industry. So, what is the full range of OK Eliquid flavours available today?

OK Eliquid tobacco flavours

Menthol Bold
Menthol Light
Tobacco Zero

OK Eliquid Fruit flavours

Strong Apple
Fresh Coffee
Energy Drink
Fruit Cocktail
Pina Colada
Juicy Peach

This is the latest selection of OK Eliquid flavours available today although there is no doubt that it will increase in size in the weeks and months ahead. It is also interesting to see the take-up numbers for vaping starter kits which in many ways seem to be replacing the still growing market for cigarette lookalike electronic cigarettes.

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