List of Tesco diets

The Tesco diet program has been one of the more popular diet products of recent times due in the main to the variety of different Tesco diets which are available and online assistance which is available when required. It is no secret that the online diet market has expanded significantly over the last 10 years so as demand for a healthier lifestyle, healthy living and healthier diets continues to grow.

There are a number of Tesco diets which you should be aware as they all offer something a little different, various levels of choice and they will suit different people: –

Tesco GI diet

This diet is based upon the glycaemic index and relates to food which allows energy to be slowly pumped into the bloodstream over an extended period.

Tesco light choices diets

This diet provides up to 65% of your calories from carbohydrates, up to 25% of your calories from protein but less than 30% from fat.

Tesco Mediterranean diet

There has long been a fascination with the Mediterranean diet which has substantial amounts of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and olive oil.

Tesco Total Wellbeing diet

This particular healthy eating programme is based around clinical studies regarding high-protein, moderate carbohydrate and low fat products.

Tesco Vegetarian diet

This particular vegetarian healthy eating diet has three options to give you greater control and flexibility.

Tesco Low Carb diet

The low carb diet is a controversial eating plan which focuses upon high protein intake with sufficient vitamins, minerals and natural fats.

Tesco Totals diet

The Tesco totals diet involves a points tally relating to the food you eat, the exercise you take and the quality of your diet.

These are just a number of the online diets currently available although the Tesco programme has proved very popular since it was launched some time ago. There are often promotions offering free weeks or money off such is the confidence that the company has in the service.

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