List of Justin Bieber songs

Justin Drew Bieber has taken the music industry by storm and this list of Justin Bieber songs contains some of the most popular songs of recent times. Originally the man himself was found by YouTube but he has gone on to become one of the world’s bestselling pop/R&B singers, songwriters and actors. He is forever in the worldwide press with speculation regarding romance, his career and future songs never far away.

We hope that this list of Justin Bieber songs will prove useful and if you’re looking to buy any of his songs then simply click on the above green button to check prices, availability and for more information. We will be updating this list of Justin Bieber songs in the months and years ahead as he seems to be one of the most sought after pop stars and many people expect him to be around for some time to come. When you consider he was just born in 1994 he has certainly done a lot in his career.

The list of Justin Bieber songs include: –

All I Want Is You


Be Alright

Christmas Eve

Down To Earth

Fa La La

Home This Christmas

Love Me


Never Let You Go

Never Say Never

One Less Lonely Girl

One Time

Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas




Runaway Love

Somebody To Love

That Should Be Me

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