List Of Interesting Facts About St George

While we in the UK know St George as the Patron Saint of England, there is a lot more to St George than many people are aware. We hereby enclose a List Of Interesting Facts About St George :-

1. There are no records to show exactly when St George was born, but we do know that he was born in the late third century.

2. It is well know that St George died on April 23rd 303 which is known as St George’s Day.

3. While he is the Patron Saint of England, St George was actually born in Turkey.

4. There are no records showing that St George actually visited England and many historians believe it was highly unlikely he ever did.

5. St George is also the Patron Saint of Aragon, Canada, Catalonia, China, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, and Serbia.

6. As you might already know, the myth about St George and the Dragon was just that, but nobody quite knows where the myth came from.

7. St George’s father served in the Roman Army.

8. St George was beheaded because of his constant criticism of the Roman persecution of the Christians.

9. The vast majority of those in England have no idea that St George is their Patron Saint!

10. There is actually a hymn of St George with the words :-

“Liberator of captives,
and defender of the poor,
physician of the sick,
and champion of kings,
O trophy-bearer,
and Great Martyr George,
intercede with
Christ our God that
our souls be saved.”

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