List Of Big Brother Series Winners

Since the start of the Big Brother series the concept seems to have taken on a mind of its own with scandal, intrigue and mystery all evident. Big Brother winners have come and gone, Celebrity Big Brother has seen stars from yesteryear try to reach out to the public, but whatever it is, Big Brother works. Viewing figures continue to rise but can you actually remember who the past Big Brother winners were?

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Please find enclosed a list of Big Brother series winners :-

Traditional Big Brother

Craig Phillips Series 1 2000
Brian Dowling Series 2 2001
Kate Lawler Series 3 2002
Cameron Stout Series 4 2003
Nadia Almada Series 5 2004
Anthony Hutton Series 6 2005
Pete Bennett Series 7 2006
Brian Belo Series 8 2007
Rachel Rice Series 9 2008

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Celebrity Big Brother

Jack Dee Series 1 2001
Mark Owen Series 2 2002
Bez Berry Series 3 2005
Chantelle Houghton Series 4 2006
Shilpa Shetty Series 5 2007

Do you remember them all? Where are they now?

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