Best horse racing software, find that long odds winner!

Horserace gambling is a massive industry around the world with the UK and America among the leading countries. The quality of horse racing software has increased dramatically over the years and many people now use these systems to forecast the horses with the best chance of winning. While there are other variables to consider when choosing which horse to put your money on, the best horse racing software packages will allow you to cut down the field to those who stand a realistic chance.

Among the best horse racing software packages available are:-

DIY Formguide

This particular package allows you to quickly compare a number of vital components for each horse in the field and evaluate those which offer the best value for money.

Hipro86 horse racing

This respected horse racing software package is proving very popular, allowing you to run the program in the background while checking out the form of each horse.

This is one of the more popular horse racing gambling websites allowing you to compare and contrast the form of each horse and pinpoint those with the best chance of winning.

Horse racing software

This is a particular package which has increased in quality over the years and is now one of the best known in the industry with a very good track record.

Trading Software – Welldone

Trading Software is a fairly unique horse racing software package which allows you to transfer real-time data from the likes of Betfair into a spreadsheet and use the various options available to pinpoint those odds with the best value for money, those seeing interest in market place and those which are “unfancied”.


This is yet another excellent gambling software package which is centred around Betfair and offers you the chance to place your bets with one click, ensuring you get the best prices available.


Probably one of the better-known Betfair gambling software packages, Auto-Betfair will automatically place various bets for you across the whole Betfair spectrum based upon a formula which has been improved over the years and has been very successful.


This is yet another of the better-known gambling software packages which has been developed and amended over the years to pinpoint the best odds and the best value available when looking at horserace gambling. While significant numbers of people are making upwards of £50,000 a year, the package is also proving attractive to those after a modest second income.

BF Explorer

This is a package which centres upon the Betfair betting exchange and allows real-time analysis of Betfair markets, allowing the user to pinpoint “hot money” and horses which are “unfancied”.

Bet Wizard

While Bet Wizard is one of your more basic betting software packages, it allows you to calculate your potential winnings from a variety of bets such as Doubles, Trebles, Round Robins and Yankees so that you know exactly what to expect if successful.

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